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Not even two weeks into the new academic year and our Service Desk is having an extra-busy September. This tells us that you too are managing the peaks in workload that come around every September.

For that reason, we're keeping this newsletter brisk and efficient, and call your attention to the 'Hey Service Desk' spot at the end which summarises the vital housekeeping tasks you'll want to be on top of this month. 

One year of Customer Thermometer

In July 2022, as part of our commitment to continuous improvement, we started using a one-click survey tool called Customer Thermometer. We switched to Customer Thermometer to improve our customer experience and we've written a blog post summarising our progress with Customer Thermometer and the feedback we've received in its first year. Here's a snapshot in bar chart form:


Be ready for the Autumn 2023 Census

The Autumn 2023 Census date is 5th October and the DfE return date is 1st November. For maintained schools please check with your local authority if they require you to return the census at an earlier date - some have much tighter turnarounds. 

In the run-up to Census Day we've have online tutor-led courses for you, for primary and secondary schools. These courses will ease your preparation for the Autumn Census and troubleshoot any issues you have along the way such as correcting validation errors.

Producing the School Census for Primary Schools in SIMS on 21st September

Producing the School Census for Secondary Schools in SIMS on 28th September

Our FAQ lists the latest information regarding the School Census. It contains information on the latest filesets, patches and errors. 


The next two months' training courses, with links to find out more and save your spot.


20th – Standard Reporting in SIMS

21st – Producing the School Census for Primary Schools in SIMS

26th – SEND in SIMS for new users

27thPersonnel for New Users in SIMS

28th – Producing the School Census for Secondary Schools in SIMS


3rdSession 1 of SIMS New User Course

4thSession 2 of SIMS New User Course

4th – Attendance in SIMS

10thDomestic Examinations

12thMaintaining the Timetable in NOVA T6

17th – Setting up Examinations Organiser (Session 1 of 3 Examinations Organiser)

17th – Base Data Entries Submissions (Session 2 of 3 Examinations Organiser)

18th Seating, Reports, Timetables (Session 3 of 3 Examinations Organiser)

31stSIMS New User – FULL DAY Classroom Based Course


1st Advanced Reporting with Excel Analysis in SIMS

7th – Introduction to Timetabling in NOVA T6 using SIMS

7th – Assessment and Progress for Secondary Schools using SIMS

8th – Options Online in SIMS

8th – Recording Positive and Negative Conduct in SIMS


Hey Liam!

It has been a hectic start to the new academic year. Can you remind me of the vital housekeeping I need to do on our MIS?

I'm glad you asked! Our Service Desk pulled together all of the end of year/beginning of year housekeeping, and we've summarised it in this newsletter sent before the start of term.


Customer feedback corner  thank you 😊

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