Happy new academic year!

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Hello and welcome to the new academic year!

We hope you've had the summer you needed and are raring to go - as we are here at Scomis.

This email features the most common start-of-the-academic-year queries our Service Desk receive every year. We thought this was the most helpful thing we could do for you in this week of preparation. Please forward this email to your colleagues to help them too.

Before we dive into the coming year though, a quick look at this year's exam days. We've analysed our customers' usage of Scomis Hosted Application Service to understand what happens when exam results are released. If you're as curious as we are to see how everyone else behaves on these crucial days you'll find our analysis here.  

Everyone at Scomis wishes you the best possible 2023-24. We’re looking forward to being of service to you and your colleagues. 

Scomis' award-winning Service Desk analysts, ready to support you for the coming year


Back row left to right: Sarah, Rachel, Matt, Reece, Owen, Colin, Liam, Amy. Front Row left to right: Emily, Sue, Karen, Poppy, Heidi. Not pictured: Di, Ellie, Sarah H and Vanessa.


We've grouped the commonest queries to help you navigate your way around. Here are the quick links:


Staff and new users

Pupil management


Hosted Application Service



We will be switching off our FAQ site (dark teal buttons below) in the near future, and you will only be able to access our knowledgebase via MyScomis (orange buttons below).

To access MyScomis you need a unique email address, e.g. firstname.lastname@yourschool.co.uk. This is your MyScomis username. And you'll need a password. If you're missing your password or want a password reminder, contact the Service Desk and we will email it to you.


Forgotten your Hosted password?

Reset password FAQ
Reset password MyScomis

Need to reset your Anycomms password?

Reset password FAQ
Reset password MyScomis

Staff and new users

Need to add new users to Hosted Application Service?

Add new Hosted users FAQ
Add new Hosted users MyScomis

How do I add a new user to FMS?

Add new FMS users FAQ
Add new FMS users MyScomis

Assigning users additional shortcuts in Hosted SIMS

Hosted shortcuts FAQ
Hosted shortcuts MyScomis

Linking staff in pastoral structure

Linking staff FAQ
Linking staff MyScomis

How do I add an existing user of Hosted to another School's database?

Drop down access request FAQ
Drop down access request MyScomis

My registration tutor cannot see marksheets for their registration group

Teacher cannot see register FAQ
Teacher cannot see register MyScomis

Pupil Management

How to admit admission pupils

Admit admission pupils FAQ
Admit admission pupils MyScomis

How do I delete a pupil record?

Deleting pupils FAQ
Deleting pupils MyScomis

How do I delete a duplicate pupil record?

Duplicate pupil delete FAQ
Duplicate pupil delete MyScomis

Bulk importing student emails and telephone numbers

Importing emails on bulk FAQ
Importing emails on bulk MyScomis

I imported a CTF and now I have a duplicate student

Duplicate student record FAQ
Duplicate student record MyScomis


SIMS end of year procedures

EOY procedures FAQ
EOY procedures MyScomis

FMS year end procedures

EOY procedures FMS academies FAQ
EOY procedures FMS academies MyScomis

How to import Admissions Transfer Files (ATFs)

Import ATFs FAQ
Import ATFs MyScomis

Hosted Application Service

Extended third party applications

Hosted third party applications FAQ
Hosted third party applications MyScomis

Downloading Hosted Connector

Download connector FAQ
Download connector MyScomis

Setting up SIMS online services

SIMS online services FAQ
SIMS online services MyScomis


New staff joining in September?

Scomis has a range of training courses available for new staff in September – with more dates for the autumn term being added in the coming weeks. Upcoming courses include:

Self-directed courses - free for all customers

Scomis provides free customer access to self-directed digital learning courses on our ScoLearn platform covering core aspects of using SIMS so you can learn any time, any place and at your own pace.

Get started on ScoLearn

How to access courses on ScoLearn

You do not need to make a booking for any courses on ScoLearn. Simply sign up for an account! Here's your short guide to setting up an account and getting started.

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