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This week - Online Safety, CPD, School Workforce Census, SIMS Next Gen update and more. Have a great week!

MATs Summit - last week 

Last week we exhibited at Optimus Education's MATs Summit, in Stratford-upon-Avon. Check out our blogpost which captures the key conversations we had with our customers and future customers. If you're curious to know what is keeping other senior leaders awake at night this is a quick and easy must-read. If something here resonates, get in touch and we'll talk you through the opportunities for positive change.

ISBL National Conference - next month

On 10th and 11th November we're exhibiting at the ISBL National Conference in Birmingham, "Leading Positivity In Education."


We always embrace the opportunities we get at conferences - to see our customers, meet future customers, gather intellegence from peers, gain perspective on common challenges and solutions, inspo and learning from others. It's a great way to find and meet new suppliers and partners. And it's about social and professional bonding.

We're inspired by the conversations that we have and we gain great insight from them. It's an opportunity for us to aggregate these conversations with the insights we gain from working with our customers and solving their challenges. What we do with this is aggregate this data to the benefit of our customers and future customers. 

As a gentle warm up for this vital topic, check out the ScomisLive session from Stephen Morales, ISBL's CEO, Confidence and resilience through professional development: facing and embracing our EdTech future, and Dr Emma Kell's The helicopter and the mosaic: wellbeing in schools.

CAPH - last week

Last week was a busy one - as well as the MATs Summit we were also at the Cornwall Association of Primary Heads (CAPH) Conference in Pool. This is one of the biggest education conferences held in Cornwall, with educators including Heads, CEOs, Teachers, TAs, Business Managers, Secretaries and SENDCos.


IMPORTANT INFORMATION for Scomis Hosted Application Service customers

This article is about the imminent Microsoft Edge web browser upgrade in the Scomis hosting environment. Internet Explorer 11 is built-in to the Hosted platform as part of the Windows Operating system that we use on our Front End SIMS Servers. As such these servers have to be in line with the specification set out by ESS who provide SIMS. Internet Explorer 11 is no longer compatible with several websites as it is end of life on some Windows versions and so will be replaced with Microsoft's Edge browser. We have recently received confirmation from ESS (who develop SIMS) that the Microsoft Edge web browser is now fully supported with SIMS. Learn more here.

Training - what's coming up?

Following last week's CPD, Training & Courses email, packed with opportunities, there's a remote tutor-led course on Wednesday 9th November.

Maintaining the Timetable in Nova T6 deals with how to change rooms and add a teacher or assistant, amend the timetable following staff changes, establish teacher and room carousels, implement communication between Nova-T and SQL, as well as using non-class codes (NCC).

Online Safety Newsletter - FREE CONTENT

Scomis' Online Safety newsletters can be can be accessed in the links below and you're welcome to place these documents on your website and send links electronically to parents/carers and staff. 

Online Safety Newsletter for schools

Online Safety Newsletter for parents


At the forefront of SIMS Next Gen!

We have now recruited the first schools who will join us at the forefront of SIMS Next Gen! It's an exciting time for all of us.

If you feel your establishment has been left out of this first stage - maybe you're a leader and an early adopter who like to be a part of improving technology for your school or trust, please let us know here and your account manager will be in touch.

These early adopter schools will help all Scomis customers jump into the future of EdTech. We'll show you how in upcoming newsletters, so keep an eye out for the one after this.

Hey Vanessa!

How can I make sure I'm prepared for the School Workforce Census?

I'm glad you asked! The School Workforce Census is on 3rd November - the first Thursday of November. The deadline for returning is the 2nd December.

For our SIMS users, this FAQ lists the latest information regarding the School Workforce Census. It contains links to relevant documentation and information on the latest filesets, patches and common missteps. Sign up for our FREE digital learning course, Producing the School Workforce Census.


And for our Arbor users, you'll find the links to documentation in the comprehensive resources here.

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