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28 January 2022
Clayton Tunnel access project
On Sunday 16 January, Southern Capital delivery Senior Construction Manager Martin Ford visited a worksite for the Clayton Tunnel Access Project on Sussex route. The works being undertaken by this Colas Rail-run site, represented by Martin Checkley, were Cat 11 Re-Rail, Re-Sleeper and Re-Ballast @ 35 Miles/Chain on the ELR VTB3.

When Martin (Ford) arrived, he was greeted with friendliness, politeness and a professionally run Site Access Control (SAC). Martin straight away observed the site was clean, tidy and well managed, which in turn reduces the risk of any incidents or accidents occurring.

Martin has since gone on to say that this is the best run site he has come across in the last 10 years, and that all involved in managing this site should be congratulated, as he believes that the attitude of all of the staff on-site was of positivity and welcoming and that all seem to take responsibility and ownership for the site.
If you would like to know more about this project then watch this video, which will give you a good insight to challenging works carried out by a professionally run team.
Route to Gold
Talking of best practice, you are all probably aware of the periodic Route to Gold document that is s a performance measurement initiative within the Southern region Capital Delivery supply chain.

The initiative aims to promote collaborative working behaviours, reduce costs caused by re-work and embed a culture of continuous improvement within the rail industry.

In Period 10's Route to Gold, Costain's Gatwick Airport Station site yet again won Gold and celebrated an entire year in 2021 of no lost time injuries. 

John Philbin, Construction Manager on the site said:
"This is testament to the hard work everybody on the project has put into our goal of ensuring that everyone goes home safe every single day. The commitment to raising close calls and speaking out is what is making this site achieve a Gold standard each period. Collaboration continues to be the key to our success." 

To read more, visit the Best Practice page on the Southern Shield website.
Changes to the Highway Code
As of Saturday 29 January, rules for all types of road users will be updated in the Highway Code to improve the safety of people walking, cycling and riding horses.

Drivers who break the new rules will not necessarily be fined for doing so, but they could be fined if breaching the rules results in you falling into any of the categories in the Highway Code penalty table.

The 8 changes concern the following categories or situations:
1. Hierarchy of road users
2. People crossing the road at junctions
3. Walking, cycling or riding in shared spaces
4. Positioning in the road when cycling
5. Overtaking when driving or cycling
6. People cycling at junctions
7. People cycling, riding a horse and driving horse-drawn vehicles on roundabouts
8. Parking, charging and leaving vehicles
To read about the changes in more detail, click on this link.
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