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14 January 2022
Loading rails on HGVs
On 6 January, a heavy goods vehicle (HGV) arrived at a distribution unit (DU) in Eastern region to collect and move 2 x 54ft rails.

Although the rails were loaded in the same configuration as they had been many times before, as the driver manoeuvred to leave the yard, the rails slipped off the back of the HGV.

Moreover, the way the rails had been loaded meant they projected significantly beyond both front and rear load frames, creating flex as the HGV manoeuvred.

The particular type of HGV allows a 45-foot rail to sit on the load points without excessive overhang and flex, so 54ft rails were potentially going to be a problem.
Immediate actions to take
  • No rail longer than 45ft should be moved using Network Rail's road fleet
  • Rail longer than 45ft must only be moved by road by DHL
  • Loading must comply with Network Rail procedures and loads must be checked as being secure
  • All drivers must undertake a load movement safety check before setting off
Freight train hits a water bowser
On 31 December 2021, a freight train hit a water bowser at Battersea Rise Road Rail Access Point (RRAP).

Workers were removing bags of spoil from the from the Battersea Rise Road Rail Access road (from a position not 'on or near the line'). To support the works on Platform 13, Clapham Junction Station, a water bowser was delivered to the access gate and was subsequently moved to the RRAP

The initial investigation has highlighted several failings in the start of work briefing process and a general understanding of the environment and possession arrangements.

An investigation is currently ongoing.
Discussion points
  • Do all staff receive a work brief at the start of each shift as part of the Four Steps to Zero Harm? How is this recorded?
  • Do all staff have a clear understanding of their work environment? How is this checked?
  • How are the loading activities near running rails managed and controlled?
  • How do you make sure any tools or materials don't cause an obstruction? If they can't be removed, have they been secured in a safe position at least 2 metres from the line?
Are we ensuring work is only undertaken after a task specific briefing and challenge where its not delivered? #offerwithoutfear
Point Stop Boards left out at possession change
Four Point Stop Boards were left during a possession change on 31 December 2021.

Two boards were left at Falcon Junction (approx. VTB1 2m77ch) and two at Pigs Hill Road Rail Access Point (RRAP) at approx. WLL 0m25ch.

A freight train driver spotted these at around 07.20 that morning and stopped well in advance of these boards. The train driver reported this to the signaller, who later reported this to the Person in Charge of Possession (PICOP).

The boards were recovered under an emergency line block. Network Rail Supply Chain Operations (SCO) were informed and an investigation was initiated.

#hearothers - are we ensuring we hear others during briefings and ask questions as part of a shift handover?
Discussion points
  • Are we ensuring the correct handover process is followed by SWL2 between shifts?
  • Are we ensuring all tools, equipment and material are clear of the rail?
  • Are we using the Points Stop Equipment forms and other safety critical paperwork on site?
  • Are these forms being completed and signed by a responsible person and cross-checked as part of the shift handover?
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