Sentinel Operations update
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Dear Sponsor,

In this Operations update, you'll find some important messages, interesting tips and suggestions, to help you get the best out of the services provided by Sentinel.
Remember, the Sentinel Helpdesk are there to help you.
Did you know, its quicker to raise an enquiry with the Helpdesk team by sending an e-mail, rather than by calling them?
The e-mail address to use for queries is:
Denied Access
If you or a member of your team has been Denied Access to site using the Sentinel App, we have produced a poster to help you understand why this may have happened, how to prevent this and to enable you to access to site successfully in the future.

This can be downloaded and printed from the website 
Please share this information with your colleagues. Keeping up with this information will help reduce the number of people who are Denied Access and lose shifts, enabling more people to successfully get on site. This goes a long way towards getting work completed safer and faster, helping to provide the best service for our passengers.

If you would like any training and support to help you reduce the numbers of Denied Access in your area, please email us at, we'll be happy to hear from you.
Double-shifting is not allowed
There has been an increase in reports of "double-shifting".

As stated in the Sentinel Scheme Rules, everyone who works on the railway must observe the Life Saving Rules, this includes fatigue management:
a) No Individual shall undertake or attempt to report for duty, if they have worked on the managed rail infrastructure within the preceding 12 hours (sometimes referred to as double-shifting), unless a risk assessment has been conducted by the Primary Sponsor and suitable controls implemented

b) No Individual shall exceed the maximum working hours determined by law, rail infrastructure manager requirements and the Sponsor
Speak up
Speaking up doesn't have to feel wrong. Who Should You Call, if Something Isn't Right?

We don't like to report things we see that are wrong, if we think it's going to get someone into trouble. But sometimes to keep ourselves, our colleagues and the users of the railway safe, we must.

Below you can find information on who you should raise concerns with:
Sponsor Investigations -
They deal with issues and concerns that are raised by individuals or other sponsors, about sponsor companies, relating to poor or incorrect behaviours or activities under the Sentinel Scheme Rules.

Sentinel Investigations -
They deal with issues and concerns that are raised by individuals or other sponsors, about individuals, relating to poor or incorrect behaviours or activities under the Sentinel Scheme Rules.
The Confidential Incident Reporting and Analysis System (CIRAS) allows rail workers to report incidents or concerns about facilities, equipment, conditions or procedures.

Do you have a health, safety or wellbeing concern about your workplace or another site you have visited?  You can contact CIRAS confidentially using the form on the page, or the contact details linked below.  We will share your concern with the relevant company, protecting your identity, and let you know the response.
Card ordering process: check the position of the picture; reduce waste
Were you aware that in some areas, the Sentinel card is not recyclable and has to go to landfill when it has expired? Although it's only a small piece of plastic, we can still do our little bit to help.

When you are ordering a new or replacement Sentinel card, it's important that the photo guidelines are followed carefully, and the quality of the picture is the best it can be. Further to this, and since the introduction of Windows 10, it's also important to check that the photo you have loaded is the right way up and not lying on its side in Sentinel. Windows 10 automatically rotates an image to present it the right way up, but this may not be the case in the Sentinel profile, so it's worthwhile checking. This then helps to reduce the reprints that are produced, which in turn, reduces the waste to landfill and gets the card to you quicker.
Sentinel App - order your printed, quick start guides
If you and your team would like some credit card sized, fold out copies of our guide to using the Sentinel App, please email with the number required and the delivery address. 
We look forward to hearing from you and working together in the future.

Kind regards,

The Sentinel team
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