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STEM Outreach Team
STEM Opportunities Newsletter November 
STEM Opportunities is our monthly newsletter for teachers which details upcoming events and information that may be of interest.

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Engineering BTEC Masterclass Programme for Year 12
Book your class to take part in three online interactive sessions from October 2020 – June 2021 

Further information:
For more information please visit our Engineering BTEC Masterclass page.

Other Suns and Other Worlds - Bolton Lecture in Astrophysics 2020
Wed, 25 November 2020: 17:00 – 18:00 GMT

The University of Leeds welcomes Dr Gaitee Hussain, ESA's Head of Science Division, for our annual Bolton Lecture in Astrophysics.

Further information: 
For further information please visit our Bolton Lecture in Astrophysics page
Fluid Dynamics Competition for KS3
The University of Leeds is pleased to announce a science competition inviting students to explore the wonders of fluid dynamics. Students in Year 7 -9 are invited to submit a photograph or series of photographs (maximum 6) of their own fluid dynamics in motion through experimentation or real-world application.

Further information: 
For more information please visit our 
Fluid Dynamics Competition page.

Students into schools 2020-21 
The University of Leeds Students into Schools scheme offers a comprehensive programme of curriculum support and targeted interventions to local schools.

This update is provided by the STEM Outreach Team at the University of Leeds, supporting students applying to all STEM courses.

Please forward this on to any colleagues who may be interested in the opportunities we have to offer. They can also sign up to receive updates using this link.


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