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Sentinel Operations update- December 2017
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Welcome to the December edition of your newsletter from The Sentinel Team.

A year on since the launch of Site Access, you'll find details below of developments this year and how the team are continuosly working to improve the Sentinel system.

We would like to wish you Season's Greetings from all in the Team.
Sentinel mass Swipe Out: 8 January 2018
On the 8 January 2018, all people showing on the Sentinel system as being swiped in for 24 hours or more will be swiped out. This one-off activity will clear a backlog of incorrect data on the system, giving everyone the opportunity to start afresh by using the system correctly. People, who swipe in on 8 January 2018, will not be affected and should continue using the swipe in and out functionality as normal. Sentinel functionality is not expected to be affected as part of this as it will all be implemented seamlessly in the background.

Find out more on the Sentinel website.
Sentinel: Where are we now? Project Wales
It has now been a year since the launch of Site Access, the upgrade to the Sentinel system.

In the last 12 months, the team has been supporting customers and working on increasing usage of the Sentinel system for Site Access. This has been achieved with the help of the Wales Route where a pilot project was completed.

Find out more about the project and the valuable feedback we gained.
2018 updates to the Sentinel app
As a result of the feedback from Project Wales, in early 2018 the following updates will be made on the Sentinel app:

  • Adding an alert to remind people to swipe out
  • Adding a message to clarify whether "Denied Access" is due to medical or competency expiry
  • Adding Medical Expiry date on the app
The above improvements are part of the Sentinel team's continuous focus to streamline the system and make it as user friendly as possible.
Scotland route mandate Sentinel
From 1 December 2017, the use of the Sentinel system for Site Access has been mandated in Scotland. The decision was made as a result of recurring incidents where the safety of track workers was at risk. A competency may have expired or a COSS had been sporadically swiping track workers in and out with no knowledge of whether their team were competent to do the work.

For Scotland to ensure mandation takes place, initially usage levels of the Sentinel app will be reviewed on a period basis. A significant increase in the percentage of checks being made and the number of COSSs using the system has already been recorded and this trend is expected to continue in the next few months.

As the figures stabilise, more in depth data analysis will be taking place to identify any individuals with a COSS competence not using the Sentinel system and whether they actually need to retain this competence.
Helpdesk improvements achieved
In response to customer feedback and to focus the service provision for our customers, improvements have been made to the Sentinel Helpdesk.

The activities so far are:
  • A reduction to the lead time to close out queries from over 21 days to less than 7 days
  • An improved understanding of the types of queries that are raised with Helpdesk
  • An improved process around dealing with the queries – all queries are dealt with to conclusion or an agreed closure, under referral, rather than an automatic closure after a timed period
  • The prevention of the closure of any queries, unless it had been approved by Network Rail, or assigned to another responsible function
Web Check: changes to the visibility of data
Following a review of the data that we manage within the Sentinel database; for whom, why and for what purpose and in consideration of the introduction of the new Data Protection Act that will come into force in May 2018, areas have been identified that would benefit from an improvement around the information security settings.

As a result a new, reduced level of visibility has been introduced for Line Managers and relevant access roles. The new level of access goes some way to improving the security of those who are utilising the data, as well as the information that is held for the individual.

As we approach the introduction of the new Data Protection Act, next year, we will keep you advised of future improvements, amendments, adjustments and potential actions that we may need to involve you in as an individual, or as an administration or sponsor role, of some sort.
Sentinel Investigations - reminder of Sentinel Scheme Rule 5.2
Sponsors are reminded that following any alleged breach of the Sentinel Scheme Rules by an individual they are a primary sponsor for, they must submit a Local Investigation report containing the recommended Fair Culture outcome and a statement from the individual concerned to:

The report will then be considered by the Formal Review Panel and the Sentinel Scheme Outcome communicated to the Primary Sponsor.

If the incident occurred whilst under sub-sponsorship then the Sub Sponsor must assist the Primary Sponsor with the investigation.

Rule 5.2 also states that individuals cannot be de-sponsored whilst under investigation. De-sponsoring an individual before the Formal Review Panel has made their decision regarding a Sentinel Scheme Outcome enables a potentially unsafe individual to resume working on the infrastructure.

Thank you for your co-operation

New Sentinel reporting tool (Network Rail only) 
A new easy to use and visually appealing tool is available to view usage levels for the Sentinel app.
Find out more on the website.

Sentinel survey November 2017
Thank you to those who completed the Sentinel survey. We had a great response and will be sharing the results in the New Year.

Website help guides:
How do I/Who to contact?
Visit our 'Help and Support' section for process guides and information to help you use the Sentinel systems (including FAQs). The 'Contact us' sections provides useful numbers for many Sentinel related issues.

Guidelines: How to get your Sentinel card photograph approved first time
When a Sentinel card is rejected, the charges are still payable for both the cancelled and the replacement Sentinel card. Therefore all new or replacement Sentinel card orders that do not meet the photograph criteria not only doubles the cost, it could also result in a delay in delivery potentially preventing the card holder from working.

Make sure your photograph meets the current passport standards. Get your photo right first time.

Don't forget to call the 24/7 Sentinel Helpdesk with any of your Sentinel related issues: 0330 726 2222.

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